Residents of big cities usually face a large number of problems

Residents of big cities usually face a large number of problems. Life there apparently seems very comfortable and luxurious as compared to the in habitants of towns and villages but the factual position is known well and experienced by the residence of these cities. Karachi is considered as one of the biggest cities in the world but its residents have been victimised by so many problems for a long time. One of the problems is the transport system which is not at all sufficient for its population. People face great hardship in reaching their working places and getting back, especially during the rush hours.

The population of Karachi is increasing rapidly because people keep moving to this city from other areas. This increase in population has brought many problems which seem too difficult to be managed. There is shortage of water, unsteady supply of electricity, worse sanitary conditions, shortage of playgrounds and parks for the children are just but a few. This has made it intolerable for the people to live in peace. A sincere and responsible administration is required to solve all these problems.