People have become too dependant on technology

People have become too dependant on technology. Technology has become the sole source of communication with others. Technology is dumbing down society.
Technology has become the sole source of communication with others, which has lead to anti-socialism and poor communication skills. Cell phones and computers have become a top priority in many teenagers and most adults of this generation. Cell phones are a way of connecting to friends and family around the clock. Cell phones have become the go to device to connect with others. Weather it be via text, email, social media or phone call. Conversations that may be uncomfortable in person like, breaking up with a significant other are now done via text or phone call making it extremely impersonal. Also, technology and anonymity causes accountability to go out the window. Things that would normally be extremely difficult or taboo to say in person start to roll off the fingers onto the keyboard, causing an increase in bullying and terrorism due to lack of accountability. People are less and less held responsible for their words and the effect they have on others. Audacity like this has become an epidemic for people of all ages across the globe.
Technology is dumbing down society. People are losing their thinking skills and creativity skills. Little things like calculators and spell check as trivial as they may seem are over relied on. Yes, they make life easier but they are now used for words learned in elementary school and simple math problems. When people let technology do their work for them, they become more and more dependant and cannot live life without it. They lose the skills needed in everyday life that they can no longer do themselves. Ask someone to spell a word nine times out of ten they will pull out their phone and use it for the correct spelling. Ask them a simple math problem and the same thing will follow. Most young people do not even know how to check out a book at a library. Take these things away and we have nothing but a generation of idiots. Albert Einstein predicted this. Was he right? Is the world dumb without technological advances?