Patricia O

Patricia O. Adarkwa
Michael Torrence
We write to communicate our thoughts and feelings. We also write to preserve ideas.
Everyone writes for different reasons. I write because I get really emotional when I am upset and
am not able get my words across the way I intend so I like to write it down. It also gives you the
chance to think carefully about what you want to say without hurting others. Writing letters helps
me stay connected with the people I love and it’s also a way of letting people know I care.
Simply writing down my thoughts in a journal or a piece of paper actually helps me stay in touch
with myself in certain situations and if I don’t, I overflow with emotions. I like vlogs because
vloging allows us to get creative through videos and become better story tellers. Blogging on the
other hand can also be very informative and can help us connect with others besides ourselves.
Writing is very necessary because it allow us discover ourselves and realize who we really are as