Once I was giving up

Once I was giving up, now I am determined to make it happen
I was somewhere between giving up and seeing how much more I can do to fulfill my dream. I was frequently told by people, ‘it’s not practical’, ‘you need to be realistic’, ‘stop dreaming’, ‘forget it!’, ‘it’s can’t be done’, ‘it’s not possible!’, ‘and it’s just a waste of money!’ The people who said this are close to me and honestly I have nothing against them for saying all this to me. Though because of these demotivating words, I avoid telling people about my achievements and my goals. Whenever a topic related to my academic achievements was raised, I avoided it because it kept hurting me. Because it kept reminding of my struggles which led to these achievements in order to reach my ultimate goal i.e. to go study at one of the universities in my dream country. Those mocking and demotivating words start haunting me. I started keeping my achievements to myself because I believe the one who discourages me for my dream, has no right to know anything related to it. As time was passing by, each day was becoming heavier, I was losing hope. Those negative feelings came rushing back which I locked away years ago.
My mother always asked me to thank the Almighty for everything and not to ever lose hope. I then happen to think that the most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment when we think about giving up. I was now determined enough to make it happen. A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes determination and hard work. I have given my hard work and now I need to be determined. Just because people of this world hang a price tag on my dream and say ‘Impossible’, I tell myself that it is ‘He’ who will make it possible. I have always believed in this saying ‘Hard Work pays off’. I was honest throughout my struggles and work; there was no cheat, no lie, and no doubt in my hard work. Then just because I can’t afford, I should give up? No, this is not happening. People who ask me to forget it judged me; they didn’t handle even half of what I have dealt with. There is a reason I do the things I do therefore I am not giving up, I have worked tirelessly, He is witness to it. I know I may have lacked somewhere but I was consistent, one of the top universities from my dream country UK, selected me to study there it is because it knows I am capable. I now won’t let others underestimate myself. I have come so far, I will definitely make it there by His help and blessings.
The people who discouraged and demotivated me, I thank them because it is they who now keep me going. I remember in O levels, students made fun of me when I chose to study Physics as an extra subject, they asked me to study Chemistry if I am so interested, I didn’t respond. An A in Physics after 6 months of study on provision of result itself answered them.
I believe if I give up it means I never desired it. It’s true that once I was giving up and now I am determined to make it happen. Because I didn’t just dream, I worked for it and now I will work to make it happen.