On the other hand

On the other hand, if we asses police brutality under Kantian ethics, it is completely an immoral and unjust practise. As I stated before, Kantian ethics suggests that a decision is moral when it is done from a sense of duty, regardless of the consequences it leads to. Police brutality is not a moral action. Further when we asses police brutality under Kantian categorical imperative two formulations, it clearly shows why police brutality is immoral and unjust. According to first formulation, Kant asks us to imagine that what would happen if we “universalized” what we wanted to do. According to this when police choose brutality in order to prevent crime; their actions violate the rights which make police look bad in the society. Police image is universally affected. Nobody wants to have police system that can’t treat their citizen equal and can’t respect their rights. The second formulation prohibits using human beings as means to achieve an end because everyone has dignity and worth. According to this police brutality is completely unjust because in these police is using deadly force and violating rights in order to prevent crime and to achieve good end of policing. Therefore, According to Kantian theory, police brutality is an immoral and unjust practice.
The moral question in this case would be, is police brutality justified under the sake of preventing crime and achieve good end of policing when it clearly involves harm toward the public and violates the principles of democratic society?