My history teacher always drives me crazy

My history teacher always drives me crazy . Her explanation are always so byzantine to me. Thoughtout its 1,1232-history , the byzantine empire expanded and collapsed much like an accordion. it grew early and then shrank in the 7th century under pressure from the arabs. Main reasons to study the byzantine are their religious influenece, and preservation of literature. The question I’m going to be explaining is what is the primary reason to study the byzantines? the primary reason to study the byzantine is shaping the history of the modern world.
In the text “the byzantine empire was not know by that name during its its time. The byzantines called themselves Rhomaioi , which is greek for the romans”. The byzantine helped us with its ancient greek literature .(Document E) This shows thats if we didn’t have the byzantines we wouldn’t be studying these classics or literature . One of the great classics known to us through the writings of plato and other, socrates crafted a form of inquiry and debate which is used in classrooms today(Document E). it would of been hard for us to understand the answers rather the questions(Document E).
Why do we study the byzantines? we study byzantines beacuse they affect our lives in way that most of us take for granted . The Byzantine Empire should be studied because the law and literature are still relevant today and are still used.(Document D) This shows how Justinian knew that a clear and fair legal code was necessary to a unified empire. Justinian helped us shape our basic ideas about law and justice today with the Justinian code. Helping us to understand equal and independent was John Locke. John Locke was an influential english political philosopher (Document D)
You should be able to understand how Byzantines helped us with the modern world.