My duties as a senior support worker involve attending to the service users personal care

My duties as a senior support worker involve attending to the service users personal care, such as assisting with toileting, washing and dressing needs. Assisting service users with their nutritional needs such as meal planning for breakfast and dinners for service users who use day services, including preparation of food for the following day, and feeding of clients who are unable to do so independently.

Administration of medication, and accompanying documents such MAR charts, handling service user finances such as checking money into their personal safes or removal of money for client activities or for day service spending. Directing and planning a shift and its outcome with the support staff of the that current shift, ensuring the safety of the clients for example securing external door and windows, ensuring client safety through the night by commencing 2 hourly checks or more frequently depending on the service user. Other duties include maintaining appropriate documentation such as service user daily notes, handover file, night checks, cleaning book and security checks.

Other duties include cleaning of the buildings main lounge, charge room, small kitchen, offices, entrance way, laundry room, staff toilets and the buildings community room and the stocking of the 3 sluice cupboards and the PPE within them, and finally the disposal of the rubbish bags and yellow bags. It is my responsibility to ensure that the service users maintains an acceptable level of health and to promote the clients wellbeing an independence. It is also my responsibility to ensure that all company policies and procedures are carried out and to maintain records for the service delivered, along with responsibility for ensuring that my training needs are kept up-to-date so that I am at the level of standards required to undertake my role. Finally, it is my duty and responsibility to treat clients with respect and dignity at all times.