MANAGEMENT CONTROL Introduction Controlling a department

Controlling a department, section or division is extremely challenging in the modern world, but every manager has their own way of overcoming these challenges to achieve their goals. In this report, it outlines the aspects of controlling in management that a procurement manager deals with and how it is applied in practice, with the key challenges that the manager faces. This report also outlines the main roles of the interviewed manager with the key tasks that the manager spends time on.

Managers role
The basic role of a procurement manager includes monitoring what purchases the company makes and also what the company is offering in terms of goods and services they provide, whilst ensuring that what they get meets performance demands (Donohoe 2018).

According to Russell (2017) the procurement manager oversees what the company purchases in terms of goods and services. Hence the manager interviewed stated similar roles mentioned proving that the manager follows the operational guidelines of a procurement manager.

Key tasks of the manager
Challenges faced by the manager
Tukuta and Saruchera (2015) stated that technology is evolving. The ever changing world of technology is linked with the financial constraints not only for the product itself but the set-up costs that come with it, this is seen very common in developing economies.