It has been proved that literature closely reflects life

It has been proved that literature closely reflects life; it imaginably describes the social activities, widens knowledge as well as offers delight to it readers. In other words, the author’s life is recorded via writing styles and by literary devices used by him/herself which is obviously fit to Ernest Hemingway. His short story narrates his trips, his real situations and his true relationship with others. It is said that he takes much of his story life to his stories. Besides, the associations of insightful contractions, artistic temporary alternatives and procedures that give various ways with making an exceptional scholarly works are taken full of use so that the complex framework out of a specific piece of composing is upgraded.
Literature generally gives delight to readers at the same time, it reflects the human lives and the society with its characteristics. In order to manage with different ideas and subjects, writers use vivid styles, literary devices and linguistics strategies. Literature has its effective ways of transferring the deep meanings and understanding of humanity. Obviously, symbolism needs the application of a symbol. A symbol is a common object that represents meaning