In Edith Hamilton’s Mythology

In Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, Jason is a tragic hero on a quest for a Golden Fleece. Jason comes from an elevated background, and since he is a tragic hero, his tragic flaw inevitably leads to catastrophe.

Jason was sent away when he was younger for safety, even though he was meant to be a royal. Pelias, Jason’s cousin had taken over the kingdom which is meant to be Jason’s. ” The kings young son, Jason, the rightful heir to the kingdom, had been secretly sent away to a place of safety, and when he was grown he came boldly back to claim the kingdom from his wicked cousin.” (Hamilton 163) When Jason came to claim the kingdom, Pelias sent him on a dangerous journey for the Golden Fleece, Jason, being young and overconfident accepted the challenge of the journey not afraid of the troubles he’d have to face.

Jason went on to continue his quest for the fleece. Along the way he gained the love and help of a girl named Medea. Jason started to show his selfishness and greed for power after he retrieves the fleece. When he comes back home he learns of Pelias killing his parents and in return kills him. ” Jason bent upon punishing this wickedness turned to Medea for the help which had never failed him.” (Hamilton 176) Medea did in fact kill Pelias not knowing how Jason was going to show his true colors. Medea tricked Pelias’ daughters into murdering their father. “Medea gave Pelias a potent sleeping-draught and called upon his daughters to cut him into bits.” (Hamilton 176) “Jason was revenged, indeed.” ( Hamilton 176) All Jason was concerned with at this point was himself and how to gain more power.

After Jason claimed the thrown he realized how Medea could do nothing more for him. She gave everything and lost her family in the process. Jason pushed Medea away and gave Aphrodite all the thanks by thinking she was why Medea did everything for him not Medea herself.