In our daily lives, technology is useful and important because technology helps us to make our life easier and be more effective in what we do. One of the threads about technology is the Internet. The Internet is very useful nowadays, it gives us the information we need by just browsing and searching the information we need that will help our lives to become more knowledgeable about the things we do not know. The Internet changed the life of many people, they become successful and more successful because of this technology. Most of the companies are using the internet for advertising services, online selling of products and other transactions that may help them to be more effective and promote their businesses.
Internet electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to economic activity that occurs online. E-commerce includes all types of business activity, such as retail, shopping, banking, investing and rentals and much more. The scope of e-commerce is to transact online. Transaction through online can either be on products or services. Most of us are aware of buying products online through some sites like Amazon or Lazada.com.
Kularts Enterprise is located at Cut-Cut First, Tarlac City. Kularts Enterprise is a creative company that offers different printing services and sell customized products like t-shirts, jackets and more. It has two different branches located in Tarlac. Although the company has a physical store, they lack an online website where clients can visit anytime and know more about them, also to allow prospective customers to create and customize their own shirt to order using the website.
With this, the researchers came up with the idea to develop an E-commerce system entitled: “Online Clothing Customization System for Kularts Enterprise” to cater and improved the company’s quality of service to its customer furthermore. The proposed system will be capable of showcasing the company’s products as well as customization, ordering and purchasing online for convenience. This will greatly improve the company’s quality of service to its customer. It will serve as a bridge between the customer and the management.