How quickly we forget in the past hundred years we allowed women to vote

How quickly we forget in the past hundred years we allowed women to vote, allow blacks to live as equals. We act as if we know it all, yet there is much left to see.
We walk down the streets ignoring the little things, the eyes those stare, the stories they share. Perhaps we fear that we aren’t alone, that we are a part of a much bigger picture, but we fail to make a connection.
We are okay with killing pigs; cows; chickens; strangers from a different land; but not our neighbours; not our dogs; or cats; those we have come to love and understand. We call other animals stupid, yet we point to them to justify our actions. But do we just kill something just because we can, because we always have, does it make it right? Or does it show how little we have learned. That we continue to act with primal congestion. Rather than power and compaction. One day this sensation we call life will leave us. Our body will rot, our valuable recollected. Yesterday’s actions will remain. Death constantly surrounds us. Still it seems so distant from our everyday reality. We live in a world on the verge of collapse. The wars of tomorrow will have no winners. For violence will never be the answer, it will destroy every possible solution.
This isn’t about saving the planet, the planet will be here whether we are or not. Earth has been here for billions of years. Each of us will be lucky to survive until we are 80. We are a flash in time, but our impact is forever.