Business Communication is about communication in business. Business Communication teaches and provides techniques how to communicate well in business. Besides that, business communication also helps in promoting a business because through communication the customer will be happy with the service of a company. Business communication is goal oriented. The rules, regulation and also the policies of the company have to communicate to people and outside the organization. Business communicate is related by the certain rules and norms. In early time, business communication was limited to a paper work and telephone calls. But now with advent of technologies we have cell phone, video conferencing, email and also satellite communication to support business communication.
There are three types of Business Communication. Verbal communication is the way for people to communicate face to face example like sound, speaking, and language. Non -verbal Communication is more to communication through sending and receiver wordless messages and lastly is Written Communication. Written Communication is mean by written symbols example like emails, memo, report, letters and notes. By these three types of communication we will know which one is better to communicate and also give us knowledge about more skill in communication.

Even in Business Communication they have many types of common barriers which is a noise, distortion, gender difference, non-verbal communication, lack of communication skill, information overload, sender oriented, receiver oriented. These barriers to communication create impediments in the progress of the interaction. Some activities complex as communication is bound to suffer from seatbacks if conditions contrary to the smooth functioning of the process emerge. By common barriers we will know about problem in communication.
Communication effective for foster a good working relationship between you and your staff. It will turn to improve morale and efficiency. Communication also we use in our daily life not for business only. Example like talked with old friends when meet but now with increasingly modern technology we have social sites like WhatsApp’s, skype, and others to connect with each other. This is also the one types of communication.
As we know there are many way to communicate with others. Sometimes we use verbal communication, non-verbal communication and written communication. Business Communication is important for us because from business communication we will learn how to communicate with others and also have a good skill to communicate with others and it also gives us good communication when we are in an interview. So by learning business communication we don’t have to be nervous or scared to talk because we already have experience in this subject.
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