How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want
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Reaction Paper: Labor Simulation

I found that the most frustrating things about the process of making a new contract with a labor union was that there were numerous communication problems. The mediators could not get the story straight on what the groups wanted. For instance, the management mediator told the labor mediator something, and the labor mediator messed it up. We saw this throughout the entire production.
There was fighting between the management members. Some members wanted to give up one thing while the others wanted to take a different approach. This was hard because we couldn?t always agree on issues. It was hard to make a decision when people are disagreeing all the time.
To management it seemed that the labor union didn?t want to change at all. It was ?My way, or the highway.? I found this very difficult. They wouldn?t compromise on anything at first, and we knew they just wanted to strike and didn?t care about our limitations.
I liked this simulation because it made me feel like I was actually making the decisions for a group. I felt like I was actually a member of the group and had to use problem solving to find a way to make

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