21st Century Economic issues

21st Century Economic issues

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21st Century Economic issues


Economic Issues for the 21st Century
We all have several questions. Do I have a future of prosperity
Will I be able to afford a home of my own
Will my children or I live as well or better that my parents
These are but a few of the questions we all ask ourselves daily. The answers to these depend on how well the United States economy faces the challenges of providing jobs, increasing income, and solving the multitude of social problems that we are faced on a daily basis, problems like poverty, soaring medical costs, and the decay of our environment. We could talk for days on the “problems that face us and our economy. However I would like to focus on what I think is the top 10.

1. How should we use our resources and capabilities
What should we produce, and how should we produce it This is one of the all time favorite questions and probably one of the most fundamental in all of economics. Why Because much of economics deals with understanding how people choose to use their resources and analyses the consequences of their choices.

2. Will the standards of living

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