Computers And Accounting

Computers And Accounting

Computers, Society, and Accounting


In today?s technologically-minded society, computers play an integral role in just about every aspect of business, and especially in the field of accounting. Accountants are expected to constantly be updating information on a timely basis, and the wonderful computer allows such a process.
Normal calculations that were once done with a calculator and a pen and notepad can now be done much more quickly and accurately with a spreadsheet program. Electronic spreadsheets allow one to calculate what they call ?what if? numbers without screwing everything up. These spreadsheet programs also allow you to easily keep sale and inventory records as well as create graphs which can potentially predict future expenses for your business. These such programs have become vital to modern businesses and companies.
Many other accounting processes have also been simplified with the use of computers, such as Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, and also Purchasing and Receiving. Software programs involved in the Accounts Payable

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