Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Access is a popular database program that runs in the Windows

environment. This program is generally used to store large quantities of

information, which can be viewed, sorted, manipulated, retrieved and printed

in various ways.

A database is a collection of data related to a particular topic or

purpose. The data in the databases is very valuable resource to any

individual or business. Organizing, storing, manipulating, retrieving and

sorting data are critical activities that enable the information to be found and

used effectively. The information in a database is organized into fields. A

group of related fields is called a record, and a collection of related records

is called a table. To manage databases an individual or a company might

invest in a database management system. This database management system

is a software program that allows databases to be created and then for the

data within them to be manipulated. Most of today?s database management

system, including Access, are called relational database management system.

In a relational database management system, data is organized into a

collection of tables, that are related and that can share information. A

relationship between two tables in a relational database management

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