Pre-employment Testing

Pre-employment Testing


This report outlines the results of my investigation into pre-employment testing as a tool in the selection of new employees for Carnes Antiques.

Can pre-employment testing help managers find the right people for the right job Employers have become more concerned about the quality of employers and are putting more emphasis on the selection process. For some employers, testing can provide important information and cut the cost of hiring and training personnel. (Randall)

Nearly 30 percent of job applicants lie about their education and 25 percent lie about the duration of their previous employment, according to a 1999 publication by the Society for Human Resource Management. (Stuart)

Turnover is expensive, in both hard and soft dollars. According to an annual survey done by the Employment Management Association, hiring one hourly or production worker costs more than $880. Hiring a nonexempt office or clerical worker can cost $1668. (Paajamen) Linda Winlock, President of Personnel Profiling, Inc., says, ?Even at the low end, if an employer hires an $8-per-hour worker, the cost of a bad hire will be $4,000 if that employee only stays 90 days before termination occurs.? (Hendricks)

?Administered correctly, pre-employment tests can speed up the natural

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