Online Banking

Online Banking

Online Banking (Citibank)


The use of computers and Internet in today?s society makes life much more convenient for everyone. This case proves the point that online banking as services are becoming more trusted with the increase in popularity. Also, consumers are finding financial services more suitable with Internet banking. Thus, as result, online banking is spreading like wildfire. As the number of consumers using the Internet expands, banks have to keep up with the demand and provide quality products and services online. Along with this, many users of online banking feel a sense of freedom that these new services offer them. Due to some of its benefits, financial services have never been as simple as they are with online banking. One key advantage, among others, is that consumers can access their accounts from any computer with the Internet around the world. However, like anything else, online banking has its disadvantages as well as advantages.


What is Online Banking Online banking is just what it sounds like. You access a bank?s web site over the Internet and enter a user ID and password. This gives you access to your account information over a secure server.

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