The Truth About Abortion

The Truth About Abortion

The Truth about Abortion

Abortion, the termination of a pregnancy, is a highly controversial issue in today?s society. The 1973 court case of Roe verses Wade ruled that women have the right to terminate a pregnancy by abortion within the first six months. What the Supreme Court considered in this case was the 14th amendment and a woman?s right to privacy. However, they did not consider the moral side of the issue or the damaging affects abortion has on a woman. Do women really need the freedom to kill a baby inside of them because of their own selfishness and do the risk factors out weigh the goal Terminating a pregnancy is not only morally wrong; it causes physical and psychological problems for women as well.
The fifth commandment that God has given us is ?thou shall not kill.? There are women that will argue that life doesn?t begin until birth. Obviously these are the women that have never felt the joy of a baby kick inside them or the wonderful sound of the heartbeat of an unborn child. An embryo?s heart begins to beat at only 22 days past conception, before most women

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