An Exception To The Rule

An Exception To The Rule

My opinion of welfare was very negative until assigned this research paper. People in my class will most likely believe that I will write a paper based on the negative effects of the welfare system because of my remarks made in classroom discussions. Well, I decided to go a different route. In reading my chosen articles, I came to realize that I was an ?exception to the rule? in the welfare battle.

I have been against the welfare system for quite a while now. I guess that?s because I felt that when I was in need the system was not there for me. Really, when you think about it, being denied welfare benefits were a miracle in descise. If I would have received aid from the system, I would have probably fallen into the same trap that most women do. This is the government?s dependency trap. Yes, the government has rigged a trap on the welfare system and single mothers are the prime target.

?We will give you money as long as you continue to neither work nor marry (CRC?S Multi-1).? This is the message that single mothers on welfare receive daily from

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