America And Unilateralism In Iraqi War

America And Unilateralism In Iraqi War


Unilateralism in this case means America?s decision to go into the war with or without the UN support. Such concern follows decisions and acts which indicate a ?go-it-alone? attitude and the question of the United States? participation in multilateral treaties and its respect for international law. US decided to go alone because they considered resolution 1441 from the 7th amendment sufficient.

?Why America should abandon its instincts for unilateralism? by Chris Patten

Chris Patten the EU commissioner for external relations said that ?to assert that Americas first duty must be to protect its own democracy and the rights of its own people is not selfish, any more than it is wrong for Americas policy makers to be concerned to the extent to which international obligations may come to represent a threat to US sovereignty?
He uncounted five reasons for why we need American leadership and international cooperation on an unprecedented scale. ?Leadership should be exercised in partnership?
– Modern world should be more connected in order to protect itself
– Globalisation ? countries have to work together to resolve common problems
– International institutions need to be in the model of ?everything by the rules?
– Europe should spend more money on defence
– Long-term effectiveness costs ? but accumulates over time.


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