Restaurant Review For White Fox Den

Restaurant Review For White Fox Den

Restaurant Review

Being a smaller town, Burlington Wisconsin might be expected to be particularly lacking in the area of restaurants. As one finds however, Burlington has many restaurants to choose from. One of which is the ?White Fox Den? family restaurant. When offered to dine there recently, I jumped at the chance. I found that the restaurant is a high quality restaurant, which offers good food at a low price. It is an enjoyable place to gather to chat with friends, or if you really want, you could sit and catch up on the local gossip. On a scale of 1-5, I would rate ?White Fox Den? as a 3.5.
The ?White Fox Den? offers a large variety of foods, which will leave you wishing you could have more. They specialize in Greek foods and have a particularly tasty sandwich menu. The sandwich menu includes numerous types of sandwiches that will diminish anyone?s appetite, with its crowning achievement being the famous gyro sandwich. The ?White Fox Den? doesn?t only serve Greek food and sandwiches. They also have a large selection of home style cooking which includes anything from mashed potatoes and meatloaf to

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