1. How is the e-marketplace different from the physical marketplace

The e-marketplace is a more flexible place to trade business. You can sell or buy what you like any time in any place. No restriction for the customers. Users can log on the e-marketplace any where at anytime. Also, there are more products on e-bay market, and the price there is also various, it provide more chances for customer to choose.

2. What service does e-bay provide

E-bay was a marketplace for meeting and trading through online auction. Sellers posted items and waited for bids. Upon completion of an auction, e-Bay notified the seller and winning bidder via e-mail, and provided them with each other?s e-mail addresses in order that shipping, handling, and payment details might be worked out and the sale ultimately completed. E-Bay not only provide the service to the individual but also corporate, either big or small.

3. What can be learned from a typical eBay transaction

e-Bay was pivotal in helping to facilitate buying and selling between individuals and businesses. The industry leader also created one of the first trusted online commercial communities, whereby the transactional exchange between sellers and buyers is regulated by the evaluations

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