Market Orientation

Market Orientation

Table of Contents

1.Introduction pg.2

2.Literature view of a market orientation pg.3

2.1 concepts of a market orientation pg.3

3.Discussion of sources of a market orientation pg.6
3.1 aspects of a market orientation pg.6
3.2 learning and innovation pg.7
3.3 effects on business performance pg.10

4.Outcomes of a market orientation pg.12
4.1 consequences of a market orientation pg.12

5.Conclusion pg.15

6.Literature list pg.16

1. Introduction

In recent years, consumers have differentiated their needs and wanted them to be fulfilled by the market. Since companies would die to have as many customers as possible, they had to focus their attention more and more on the needs of the customers. They could not come up anymore with their own designed products, but had to listen to all the wants and needs of its target market. One could ask whether all the effort being put into a market orientation is worth the trouble. To satisfy the needs of

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