Business Ethics

Business Ethics

A code of ethics or conduct is a statement of ethical practices or guidelines to which an enterprise adheres. There are many such codes, some related to industry at large and others related directly to corporate conduct. These codes cover a multitude of subjects, ranging from misuse of corporate assets, conflict of interest, and use of inside information, to equal employment practices, falsification of books and records, and antitrust violations. These codes of ethics can promote positive behavior among corporations in a variety of ways.

Recognizing and trying to solve the problems involving equality, the environment, and consumerism represent the major part of the social responsibility of business. Business ethics are standards that govern business behavior. Many have found that they believed that a code of ethics was the most effective way to encourage ethical business behavior. Sometimes these codes are written down or a code of ethics is communicated orally or even through the overall climate or cultural values of the organization. A stated expectation about ethical behavior often implies a broader standard. For example, when management tells its salespeople, ?We do not allow kickbacks,? this statement probably covers

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