Just-In-Time is a production strategy with a new set of values to continuously improve quality and productivity. The key to effective JIT measurement is inherent in the fundamental definition, ?Just-In-Time is a production strategy with a new set of values to continuously improve quality and productivity.? In particular, measurements need to reflect:
1. The value of time
2. The new JIT values
3. An emphasis on continuous improvement
4. A new quality mindset,
5. Total people productivity

The Just-In-Time strategy includes seven principals which can guide us towards world-class productivity:
1. Produce to exact demand
2. Eliminate Waste
3. Produce One-At-A-Time
4. Achieve Continuous Improvement
5. Respect People
6. Allow for no contingencies
7. Provide long-term emphasis

Major Benefits of JIT
Transport Systems

Lot Sizes
Lead Times
Unit Costs
Design Time

The JIT principals will promote a flexible manufacturing organization which can produce to exact customer demand and totally eliminate all waste in the system. The ultimate goal will be to learn to produce one-at-a-time with near zero lead time, so you can respond to whatever flavor the customer wants. The pathway to get there is through continuous improvement and the source of these improvements can be cultivated by
practicing respect for people. To match world-class productivity levels, your strategy will provide for no contingencies,

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