Story Of Sui Fu

Story Of Sui Fu

One winter evening in 1995, it was very dark outside; the whole family has just finished supper except for Siu Fu. His supper had not been touched. Sui Fu is the youngest son out of my three sons. His older twin brother Sui Lung had immigrated away a year ago. This incident was three years ago in Canada.

Sui Fu and Sui Lung both go to school in the same car. Before they moved, they went to a school near their old run down house. They adapted very easily to that school, and met a lot of friends. Thats why they will not attend the school near the new home.

Night falls, and it is around 9:00pm. I was sitting very edgy, “Sui Lung Sui Fu, where are you”
Sui Lung was working on his homework in his bedroom, “mom I told you hundred times I dont know. He parked his car in front of the house and told me that he had something to do and that was it!”
The phone rings, and it was Sui Fu, “mom I not coming home tonight, Ive been under a lot of pressure.”
“What kind of pressures,” mom

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