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I felt the warmth of my mother?s hands on my soft skin while she held my face. Her soft voice whispered in my ear ?good night?. It was a cold winter night after Christmas as my mother tucked me in to bed, like she always had. After telling me good night her lips hit my cheek to give me the last kiss she ever would. As she walked out, I told her ?I love you with all my heart and always will.?
In the, morning the warmth of the sun hit my face and woke me up like any other morning, but something was different, something just wasn?t right. I lay in my warm bed, trying to ascertain why I wasn?t feeling right. I jumped out of bed and woke my little brother up to go eat breakfast. As we walked down the hall, I heard my dad pouring a cup of hot coffee. ?Daddy is mom still sleeping,? I asked. Mom will be gone for a while but baby, don?t worry he told my brother and me in a sad voice. We will be just fine. I didn?t understand why my mom would be gone though. I

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