Joy Luck Club Mono.

Joy Luck Club Mono.

Joy Luck Club Narrative

Four years ago now, a thick and warm summer breeze rustled the fabric of my windbreaker on the Arthur Hill baseball diamond. My father knelt gingerly a few feet away, tossing dirty baseballs up to me. I continually pummeled ball after ball into the fence. Home run. Triple. Probably a double. But my father wasn?t quite so pleased as I.
?You?ve got to get mad at the ball! Step into it and slam it. Pretend it?s someone you hate. Pretend it?s your idiot of an old coach! I don?t care, just pound it!? he ranted.
I furtively rolled my eyes at him and leaned over on my bat for a little while, panting. How tired I was of his constant prodding and torment. If my father wanted baseball in his life so badly, he should have joined the Seniors League down at Hoyt Park himself. I was not going to stand for another summer of this abuse. And I never did.
I can clearly remember the purpose of my practicing those couple weeks. The very next day was the Little League All Star tournament, for

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