Academic Essay

Academic Essay

Writing an Essay of Argumentation
?Now this is the way I see it…?

Discussion: First, choose a topic for which you are able to write the following: (a) a proposition or main point that you will argue for, (b) argument(s) supporting your proposition, (c) argument(s) opposing your proposition. Second, look for information (evidence) with which to build arguments for and against your proposition. And third, use the information to write an essay that convinces your readers that your proposition is right. Use the guidelines below and the example that follows to help you develop your essay. (Also see ?Thinking Logically? in the index for more.)

Searching and Selecting
1. Searching * Review your texts or class notes for possible topics. Also think of related issues or problems you hear debated locally or nationally. (Focus on subjects that are serious, specific, timely, and debatable.)
2. Selecting * Test a possible topic in the following way: (a) identify a reasonable point or proposition to argue for, (b) list one argument supporting this proposition, and (c) list one argument opposing it.

Generating the Text
3. Collecting * Look in books, magazines, or newspapers for information. Take notes, especially

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