A Slave Tale

A Slave Tale

My Story as a Slave

Childhood Years:

I was born in 1834 on a large plantation, that contained over a thousand acres, and over one hundred enslaved souls, located thirty some old miles south east of Atlanta, Georgia. I was descended from imported Africans, and probably from some of the darkest of the native race. Darker than most of my fellow slaves on this plantation. My master is a well-known man, who has deep roots in the state of Georgia. It is rumored that he has property in other states, and he is involved with workings of the government as well. Some of my earliest memories of childhood were of being an unkempt child. I remember my ma trying her might to comb out my hair with everything imaginable to attempt to present an array of neatness. I think that it was a loss cause, because soon after her attempts, I would be back out into the barn playing in the same stuff. I would find myself back into the same demise of her scolding me while she used her instrument of torture on my head.
I only had a meager set of clothes.

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