Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay

It?s a sunny Monday morning on Grand Lake no one is on the lake. The water is completely com not a soul besides you and you buddies breathing. Your friends are there with you but not a word is said its just complete silence on this majestic Monday morning. The boat is full of gas and the boards are ready to go. The whole world is at total peace and you feel as if there are only three people alive while the moon and sunlight mix and cause dawn. You just can?t wait to be the first to shatter the unbroken sheet of glass that covers the lake this morning. The way warm water feels against your cold skin. Then the brisk morning air feels against your wet skin. You remember you have to be at work at nine but you don?t care because right now you are free and enjoying life in nature.

The time has come and the silence has been broken it your turn to ride. It is your luck that I get to christen the lake this morning. You take you first cut as you look down and see your reflection, only to break it by running

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