Metals USA


Metals USA is a leading integrated metals processor and distributor in North America serving more than 45,000 customers with a diverse product line in the Plates and Shapes, Flat Rolled steel and Building Products markets. We are focused primarily on providing our customers with a comprehensive range of innovative, value-added products services and solutions at the highest of customer satisfaction levels. We believe that the scope and depth of our vast resources enable us to play the important role of single-source partner for our many customers who seek to streamline and reduce their supply chain costs and enhance efficiency, productivity and profitability. With our sound business strategy based on industry, geographic and product diversity, supported by our ISO 9002 certification and intelligent customer-oriented investments, Metals USA is the one company that can consistently deliver on our promise of “Customer Service Without Compromise.”

52 facilities broken up into three product group segments:

Plates and Shapes Group, of Metals USA, operates 20 full line Service Centers throughout the United States. The Group inventories, sells, and processes a wide variety of alloy grades and shapes of carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Industries serviced include: Fabrication, Construction, Marine, Machinery and Equipment, Transportation, Aerospace, Electronics,

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