Home Depot

Home Depot

Basic Company and Industry Information

Bernie Marcus and Author Blank founded Home Depot in Georgia in 1978. The first few stores were attached to Treasure Island stores and stocked around 25,000 products. What started out as a small neighborhood hardware store soon sprouted as the largest home improvement store in the nation. It wasn?t before long that Home Depot (HD) shares were being traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, Home Depot is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is one of the ?Top Ten Most Admired Companies? by Fortune magazine, which also ranked The Home Depot as ?America?s Most Admired Specialty Retailer? for the seventh consecutive year. This company only goes up with increasing net sales and net profit.
The main ingredient to Home Depot?s success is not only the number of stores there are, but the diverse types of customers they attract. Home Depot attracts contractors, other retail stores, the do it yourselfer, and the average John Doe shopper. Home Depot is also attracting more and more women by increasing and expanding their EXPO Design stores which focuses on wall paper and other types of remodeling. So, whether you?re a contractor looking for lumber to

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