E Recruiting

E Recruiting

Internet Recruiting

Table of Contents

I. Introduction 3

II. History of Recruiting 3

III. What Exactly is Internet Recruiting 4

IV. Data and Statistics on Internet Recruiting 4

V. How Internet Recruiting is Changing the Recruiting Landscape 5

VI. Advantages to Employers for Internet Recruiting 5

VII. What type of Individual uses the Internet for Job Searching 6

VIII Actual Results of Internet Recruiting 7

IX Background Checks and their Increased Importance 8

X. Unique Models of Internet Recruiting 9

XI. Conclusion 10

XII. References 11

? In today?s competitive environment, companies are looking to hire quality people quickly and cost effectively. As with so many other business functions, companies are turning increasingly to the Internet for that competitive edge. Online recruiting methods have become extremely popular with both employers and job seekers. When used properly, the Internet helps you hire top talent, reduce your time to hire and lowers your recruiting costs.? (Zall, 2000, p. 66)
Internet recruiting is slowly but steadily changing the face of the recruiting process. It is a function that has some recruiters worried to death for the fear of losing their income. Others see it as a tool that will only help them enhance their acquisition of candidates (Zall, 2000).

History of Recruiting

classifieds. The classifieds were a tool that was revolutionary in its time. It allowed companies to access a larger audience than ever before and to

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