Decline Of Unions

Decline Of Unions

Decline of Unions
I. Introduction

Unions have faced a great deal of issues over the last century and a half. Some of these have been positive, and some negative. This paper will evaluate some of the negative issues that unions have had to face over the decades, with focus on mainly the past few. First, a brief background of the history of unions in general will be discussed, followed by the issue at hand of the initial rise to the decline in the last fifty years. Next, the issue of tackling the causes of the decline will be discussed in detail. Following this will be the discussion of some current issues that continue to trample the success of unions. Finally, activities that could cease the long decline in union activity will be touched upon. This study will attempt to touch upon this subject matter in an objective sense while conveying current issues that unions deal with today.
During World War I, union membership increased, up until the 1920?s. The future of unions, from this point, began to become uncertain. The decline in activity lasted until the Great Depression. In these years, the

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