Police Operations

Police Operations

This police department exists because, when people in the community see the officers doing their jobs it makes them feel safe in that community, and it makes them think that nothing bad is going to happen to them because the police department won?t let that happen. The purpose of the police department is to protect the community from crime and violence, and to also communicate with the community and get their opinion on what they think needs to be done to make the community a better place, also to integrate and to make themselves familiar with the people in the community.

I became a police officer because my goal in life was to help others and to make sure that the community that I was living in was a safe place for people of all ages. The reason that I chose this statement is because it applies to everything that comes from a good police department. That is what this community is all about, because when someone new comes into this town and notices this statement they will automatically know what this town is all about. I know it sounds weird but the simplest things have the

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