Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Mame Brago Afrane.

Throughout my life, I have come to gain a sense of confidence in my ability to set goals. I have learnt that virtually any challenge can be overcome by defining clear objectives, understanding the qualities needed to achieve them, and then systematically overcoming weaknesses and complementing strengths to best approach the task. In attempting to determine what aspects of my personality or background might present the greatest obstacles to achieving my educational aspiration, I can think of no trait that my determination and dedication had not overcome. I hope to become a medical doctor. I want to reach my goal by attending one of the best Universities in the United States.
Studying in the United States for the first half of a year was very tough. My language limitations, cultural difference, a new educational program, and new environment affected my educational life. To overcome this I first focused on how I could get used to the environment. By this, I belonged to the United Nation Model Club, Yearbook, and later in the Student Council. To belong to these communities, I could find a lot of comfortable being myself. I felt a distinct pleasure in being part of a

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