Captain As A Job

Captain As A Job

Captain a Job Title with Prestige

There is no use for a alarm clock you are up at 5:30 because you have been up at that hour for the past twenty years of you life. You wake up to the smell of moist salt air, the smell that drives you out of bed every morning. You walk out of the sleeping quarters, grab your cup of coffee and head out the galley door and step out onto the cockpit. You feel the 50 foot sport fish Hatteras gently rocking under you feet, the dock lines moaning as the are slowly pulled and stretched form one side to the other. The sun has just barley begun to rise and gives the sky a pale pink tint. Your mate comes out the galley door and without any conversation begins to prepare the trolling baits for the morning run out to chase a dream. At that moment you realize that is exactly where you want to be, you have been striving for this all you life. You have finally reached the pinnacle of your career. You push off from the dock and listen as the diesel

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