Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

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Graduation is supposed to be an exciting time in a person?s life. Their family and friends are to gather and celebrate in the joyous occasion, especially a college graduation. However, my brother?s graduation was a little out of the ordinary. Picture perfect is how it was planned, but God decided to alter this ideal weekend to make it a bit more interesting.
My brother decided about five years ago to leave our family and move to Sacramento to go to college. Two and a half years later it was time for him to graduate and time for us to fly up to see it. Airline tickets were bought and hotel reservations were made, we were ready to go.
The morning of, my mother called the car rental place to make sure that a car would be there, waiting for us. The lady on the phone told my mom that she had us scheduled to arrive at nine o?clock pm. This posed a huge problem considering that the graduation was a three.
After my mom hung up the phone she called the airline to check the flight. She found out that when

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