Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

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?Stop chasing me!? shrieked the little boy with freckles and fire-red hair. Sheila couldn?t help but stare as she entered her sleek black Mercedes with all-wood paneling and leather interior. She flipped up her cell phone and immediately dialed the number of her office, reaching Suzy, her secretary. Without even a greeting, Sheila began rattling orders away.
?Call Mr. Isham, cancel my appointment at 3:30, have the McLaden, Hyatt, Jacobs, and Smith Warner files on my desk a.s.a.p.? All in one breath. ?Oh, and don?t forget my double espresso with sesame seed bagel. Toasted.?
Sheila tries to engulf herself in work whenever possible, which isn?t too hard considering she?s a high priced lawyer in New York earning over $350,000 a year. She made some decisions earlier in her life, which still haunt her and she wonders daily if she made the right choice.
Chit chattering of fellow students and constant clicking on keyboards surrounds the busy coffee house, combined with the sweet aroma of espresso blended with whipped cream. All Sheila could think about was the pink plus sign on the pregnancy test. Here she was a junior at Princeton, one of

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