What Political Activities Is The AFL-CIO Involved In Shoul

What Political Activities Is The AFL-CIO Involved In Should They Be Involved

I start my research by typing in AFL-CIO in at Google.com. I find the main website for the AFL-CIO, which up until now I had no idea what this was. I now understand that this stands for The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. While conducting my research for political activities the AFL-CIO is involved in I stumble onto a section of this web site called BushWatch (http://www.aflcio.org/issuespolitics/bushwatch/). The site states that ?since 2001, the AFL-CIO BushWatch has tracked the anti-worker actions supported, proposed and taken by the Bush administration.? Definitely not Bush supports to say the least. You can use this BushWatch to track the administrations fiscal year budget, as well as any entries by issue for example jobs and the economy or conduct a search by a date. Although, this could be categorized as a political activity in some views my focus won?t be on it I just thought it was an interesting part of their web site.
I also found information on the AFL-CIOs legislative policy. It states ?the AFL-CIO educates union members about issues that affect the daily lives of working

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