Finanical Analysis

Finanical Analysis

Financial Analysis

The May Department Stores Company

May Department Stores Company began in 1877, David May opened the first store of what was to become The May Department Stores Company in Leadville, Colo., a silver-mining boom town. May headquarters moved to St. Louis in1905. 1910 the May Department Stores Company was incorporated. Earnings were $1 million. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1911. In St. Louis, May acquired the William Barr Dry Goods Company and combined it with The Famous Clothing Store to form Famous-Barr. May Merchandising Company was formed under the original name of The Sostman Mercantile Company and became May Merchandising in 1969.

The May Department Stores Company operates six regional department store divisions in the United States. . May Department Stores Company is more diverse than it?s direct competitors, Dillard?s Inc., Federated Department Stores Inc. and Saks Inc.. The department store divisions are Lord & Taylor; Filenes and Kaufmanns; Robinsons-May and Meier & Frank; Hechts and Strawbridges; Foleys, and Famous-Barr, L.S. Ayres and The Jones Store. As of January 31, 2004, May operated 444 department stores in 36 states and the District of

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