Decisions In The Workplace

Decisions In The Workplace

Decisions in the workplace have greater implications upon one?s life than most believe. How one comes to a decision shows all others within the work environment their personality and preference. I have come to realize that having a road map for work related decisions, helps everyone involved. Taking specific steps to achieve the best possible outcome for an issue is the purpose for following a decision-making model. In the following piece we will view how the UOP decision-making model was utilized to help me with a challenging situation at work.

The UOP model is made up of 3 main areas with sub-dividing points. The first area is Frame the Issue. Within this area ask yourself to identify the problem. In my job related issue, I discovered the problem to be miscommunication between 3 departments regarding invoice logs. Understanding how the process should work in order to go smoothly falls in ?defining the criteria, goals and objectives?. My critical thinking skills are being utilized through my actions of analyzing the problem. I know the best way to pay the construction companies are to receive the invoices through Contracts department, then forward the

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