Company Letter

Company Letter

I want to congratulate you on your establishment. I also want to extend my appreciation to you for giving me the opportunity to sharpen my skills and in the process gain some valuable experience. Both life and career skill. The mission statement for your program is definitely one of a kind. It says that you are very dedicated and want to make a difference in the community. I chose to use the quote by Benjamin Franklin? Drive thy business, or it will drive thee, because I realize as the summer progress the children had more control over the camp than the staffs that were in charge.

Although your program has been successful this far there is always room for innovating ideas. Here are a few concerns that I am going to attack: the lack of adequate staff, the lack of resource and space and the lack of respect for staff. I would like to give you my insight on what I believe could give your business a little more strength. First I would like to say the programs need more staff with good credential, someone who is very familiar with the academic material to the campers. There is no way

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