Coca-Cola Ent.

Coca-Cola Ent.


The syrupy Coca-Cola product was invented in May 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. The “Coca-Cola” name was actually suggested by Dr. Pembertons bookkeeper, Frank Robinson. Mr. Robinson penned the name Coca-Cola in the flowing script that is famous today. Coca-Cola was first sold at a soda fountain in the Jacob?s Pharmacy (also in Atlanta) by Willis Venable. During its first year on the market, Coca-Cola sales of Coca-Cola averaged only nine drinks a day, adding up to total sales for that year of merely $50. This was not even enough to cover the year?s expenses, which were just over $70 – Dr. Pemberton took a loss. Today, products of Coca-Cola Enterprises are consumed at a rate of more than one billion drinks per day.
Coca-Cola Enterprises? holdings over the years have become diverse in the restaurants industry, supermarket industry and vending, and the soft drink industry customer base is probably the widest and deepest base in a world that is flooded with some many soft drink choices. According to Beverage Digest, the customer base for soft drinks is a whopping 95% of regular users in the United States, which represents a

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