Questions for Management and Organizational Behavior
Term Paper

Please include a brief autobiography of yourself? (Title, Age, Educational Background?)

Manager of Computer Systems and Operations
Age: 43
BA Liberal arts, History AA Data processing
1. What is your organization chart What makes up your functional staff What is your reporting relationship Hierarchical organization. 3 staff directly under me. Report to Director of Division.
2. What is your annual operating budget (Approximate if necessary) 1 million
3. What business are you in What products and services do you provide The American Institute of Physics is a Scientific Journal Publisher. We publish science research manuscripts in both printed and electronic media for AIP and member societies. Organize and provide support for member society meetings. Public relations issues for AIP and our member societies. Marketing and advertising for AIP and member journals. Computer services and support for AIP and member societies.
4. What are your departmental major objectives for 2002 Are they in writing (Calendar or fiscal year) Migrate enterprise wide backup server to new tape library system. Migrate large enterprise servers to a SAN solution. Yes.
5. What do you consider to be your biggest challenge Providing all the support services within a limited budget.
6. To whom do you report

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