American Airlines

American Airlines

american airlines
By: helen kninich

Helen Khinich Individual Project Outline: American Airlines Introduction: American Airlines is the biggest airline in the United States since 1991. American Airlines was pioneer in many fields gaining competitive and advantage over the other airlines. American has also pioneered several policies including that affected the industry?s structure and standard practices. In the 1960?s, American introduced the first computerized reservation system, revolutionizing the marketing and distribution of the travel industry. In 1977, they introduced ?the super saver? fares, which was the first program of discounts for leisure travelers and in 1981, they launched the first frequent-flier program. AMR, the parent company for American Airlines, has a number of businesses within its corporate structure including: American Airlines whose success is rooted in the airline?s greatest asset ? its people, all 101,706 of them. In the rapidly changing markets where American competes in the United States and abroad, American Eagle which was established in 1984 as American Airlines regional airline affiliate. The American Eagle network is the largest regional airline system in the world, with over 1,400 flights a day to more than 101 cities throughout the United States, Canada, The Bahamas and the Caribbean. AA Cargo, a

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