1.0) Introduction
This report aims at providing the appropriate corporate, business and functional level strategies to improve Amazon in its current performance as well as seize the opportunity especially in Asia and Western Europe. This report also emphasizes on the external and internal assessment, strategies formulation and strategies selection. Recommendations are attached to determine the most appropriate strategy to be implemented,
1.1) Scope of coverage
The scope of this report covers mainly on the external and internal assessment, strategy formulation and proposed strategies. These recommendations and suggestions will assist Amazon to decide the best strategies for it to implement. All information is gathered from secondary data.
1.2) Sources and limitation
Limitation of information had resulted reasonable assumptions to be made.
2.0) Current mission
Amazon is an internet retailing marketing company based in Seattle, Washington. Its primary mission is committed to customer satisfaction. Amazon intends to put customer?s satisfaction first by using the internet to transform book buying into the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable shopping experience possible. Besides customer satisfaction, by increasing its distribution centers, Amazon aims to ship 95% of all of its orders on the same day they are received. Amazon?s goal is

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